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Smart Parking

Our Smart Parking service helps cities and towns to reduce congestion, pollution and to decrease stress for drivers. How? By guiding drivers to available parking spaces. No more searching for a parking spot. With Smart parking, finding a spot is more than easy. Tell me more…

Charge & Park

Our Charge & Park service helps companies to optimize their existing charging points. Decrease the need for more charging points and increase the amount of charging per charging point. Our Charge & Park service is a win-win solution for your company.
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Park & Ride

Our Park & Ride service helps cities to manage their park & ride locations more efficiently and helps drivers to save gas and miles by displaying the real-time occupancy at the cities park & ride locations. Quit entering park & ride locations that are already fully occupied. Tell me more…

Cities & Municipalities

Parking spaces in residential areas

Parking operators

Parking space in shopping districts

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Additional Smart parking services

Park & Pay

Our Park & Pay service lets drivers pay for parking with minimal effort. Drive into a parking spot and pay automatically. Leave your spot and your payment stops.

Short Stay Parking

Our Short Stay parking service lets cities monitor individual parking spots in real time. Know axcactly when a car is parked for to long. This results in more effecient enforement.

Taxi Parking

Our Taxi Parking service lets cities monitor taxi stands in real time. Know exactly which taxi stands are in demand and which taxi stands are unpopular.

Large Vehicle Parking

Our Large Vehicle Parking service lets you monitor large vehicles when they are parking in real-time. This monitoring is important for truck loading spots, bus-stops and truck parking.

Disability Parking

Our Disability Parking service assists disabled drivers in finding an available parking space. We believe this vulnerable group of drivers should know in real-time where they can park.

Entrance Detection

Our Entrance Detection service lets companies monitor their entrances wireless and in real-time. Know when a vehicle is blocking your entrances when it happens so you can react in time.

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